Laboratory Information Management System

Porter Lee Corporation has long understood that no two laboratories are alike. For this reason, the BEAST was designed to be flexible to laboratory policy rather than the other way around. Porter Lee Corporation believes that a LIMS system should not govern the operations of a forensic laboratory. Rather, it should help reinforce policies and procedures to ensure that they are being followed. BEAST is a highly versatile and configurable system that empowers administrators to mold the system with the ever-changing disciplines of forensic science.

The Crime Fighter BEAST LIMS provides laboratories with a holistic means to record and track case related information. Everything from multiple and resubmissions to item and sample information to sequencing of multiple types of analysis for multiple disciplines to note taking to report generation, the BEAST handles it all in a logical and efficient manner.

The BEAST also manages information outside of case related activities. Training, research, presentations, supply ordering, billing, equipment maintenance, and quality assurance are just a few examples of how the BEAST can adapt to the needs of laboratory managers for their complete informational needs.

Porter Lee Corporation also has a highly trained and experienced staff who, in addition to computer technical skills, possess extensive analytical forensic laboratory experience. This allows Porter Lee Corporation to relate more effectively with its customers, providing a high level of understanding and guidance to administrators.

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