Evidence and Recovered Property: The Police Property Control Function, 2nd edition
Robert Doran
Public Management Press

Book Description:

The most comprehensive textbook available on police evidence and property management. Over 290 pages of results-oriented  information. This book, now in its second edition, is the standard for managing evidence control systems throughout North America and many foreign countries.

Chapter Contents:

Legal Issues In Property Management (New court decisions) Evidence Policies and Procedures
Inventorying and Packaging Managing Electronic Evidence (New chapter) Preservation and Storage of Evidence Handling and Disposal of Property Property Records and Information Systems Staffing The Property Control Function Property Control Audits Includes sample forms, charts, diagrams, letters and practical ideas and tips to improve evidence and property control.

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About the Instructor / Author

Robert Doran is an internationally recognized instructor, consultant and author on evidence management, criminal investigations and police records management.

He has practical experience as a patrol officer, criminal investigator, police planning specialist, deputy chief of police and Senior Police Consultant.

For the past nineteen years  Bob has taught and consulted in the area of evidence and property management throughout the United States and foreign countries. He continues to teach two popular evidence management training courses: Management of Evidence and Recovered  Property, and Advanced Techniques In Property Room Management.

He serves also as a consultant to numerous police and sheriff's departments on the design, development, operation and audit of evidence control systems.

Book Reviews

The Police Chief, February, 1995
A comprehensive book on police property management, contains hundreds of ideas and recommendations for improving control and covers a wide scope; developing a policy and procedure manual, planning and designing property storage systems, disposing of property and controlling property audits.

RCMP Gazette, November, 1995
Contains "how to" information on the development of a system that will improve security and the chain of custody, officer safety, and expedite property disposition.

The Accreditation Exchange; State of New York, Division of Criminal Justice Services, December, 1994
... very impressed with the thorough approach Mr. Doran took in writing about this complex topic. This book definitely belongs in every police library.