Evidence Management System

The benefits of using the Crime Fighter BEAST go beyond simply tracking property. The system is an extremely valuable tool for maintaining evidence integrity and control, which is absolutely essential in the law enforcement community today.

The easy to use graphical interface allows you to not only track property, but facilitates evidence transfer to a forensic laboratory for analysis, promotes property control, and allows for extensive reporting capabilities. You can easily track:

Investigative Evidence
Lost and/or Found Items
Confiscated Property
Items for Destruction
Property for Auction
Property returned to an Owner

Pre-defined tables help ensure conformity to widely accepted standards. Plus, many of the tables are fully customizable to fit your department’s needs today while remaining flexible to allow for future growth, changes, and/or improvements.

The Crime Fighter BEAST utilizes state-of-the-art matrix barcodes to speed information transfer with a high level of data integrity and security. Also, conventional barcodes printed on security labels identify individual items and allow for quick and simple item handling and tracking.

The Police Module of The Crime Fighter BEAST can be fully integrated with the PLC Remote Inventory Software and the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Together, these products provide you with a complete computerized approach to property/evidence tracking and reporting, from the time of collection, through forensic analysis, and until final disposition.

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